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One. The purpose of after-sales service
Fully met, and constantly exceed customer expectations is the Marine Technology, Wuxi Haiying Gacko limited liability company is committed to customer service is a long stick to the important work. Marine Technology, Wuxi Haiying Gacko limited liability company's services is the core of customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs and explore constantly upgrade their service philosophy is Wuxi Haiying Gacko Marine Technology Co., Ltd. essence of customer service . Advocate of professional services model, following the company's overall quality assurance system of ISO9001, in order to provide customers with the satisfaction of pre-service has provided a guarantee. Strengthen internal management, and comprehensively improve user satisfaction by establishing and training a conscientious customer service, and full of vitality "efficient, professional and friendly" technical service team, through the implementation of standardized service management system and service quality monitoring system, establish Wuxi City Seahawk Gacko marine technology services to a limited liability company a competitive advantage, so that Wuxi Haiying Gacko limited liability company of marine technology, customer satisfaction to be effective, a strong increase.

Two.organization architecture
After-sales service is undertaken by the technical support department is responsible for:
Technical Support
Set service hotline. Receiving customer inquiries and complaints. To build customer profiles, service files, technical processing files. A-, B, C-level fault by the department to resolve (the fault-level please refer to: Customer fault level).

Three. After sales customer service
1. Telephone service after-sales service hotline to answer only to telephone technical support and customer complaints, the pre-consultation and partly transferred to the appropriate department. After-sales service hotline :0510-88669696-8000 E-mail:
2. On-site support
Wuxi Haiying Gacko Marine Technology Co., Ltd. and Germany, ATLAS's assigned personnel to clients on-site technical support.
3. Web Services
Internet set up BBS, bulletin board, etc. for the customer's problem given a specific solution.
4. Online Hotline Service
The use of OICQ, on-line real-time answers to customer questions.
4. After-sales service standards
1. Telephone service
To prepare complete technical processing files;
Fill out the "after-sales service to respond to the table";
2. Remote Maintenance
Prior to gaining access to client systems to maintain a license and landing password;
Maintenance is completed, by the customer fill out the "failure to maintain customer confirmation" and fax it to Wuxi City, Seahawk Gacko Marine Technology Co., Ltd.;
3. On-site support
Skilled, can in the shortest time to solve customer problems;
Detailed record of the occurrence of the reasons for customer issues, preventive measures, a solution. Please fill "Customer failure to maintain Confirmation"

5. Service to respond to
Note: All failures to accept the starting time of marine technology, Wuxi Haiying Gacko limited liability company received service request based on the time after the most recent work. Start time for the latest fault accepted level of recognition based on the time.
For the C class fails, within 8 hours starting within 24 hours remote maintenance, or sent to the scene.
B-class failure, within 12 hours to resolve it.
A class for failure to be resolved within 8 hours.

6. Service Rules
1. Free service
1) within one year of free maintenance.
2) software system for one year free upgrade
3) technical advisory services for life
4) with the users of the functional development of the secondary to provide all necessary technical support
2. Fee-based services
1) one year after acceptance to provide fee-based services.
2) improve and upgrade the functional part of the provision of paid services (specifically charge a fee to maintain the contract date).
3) The warranty period is over, users need to replace the spare parts, do not take the cost of fees, and guarantee low prices than the market, do not charge labor costs; pairs of users in using the equipment and its ancillary equipment encountered in the process of technology, failure problem, the call notification, our technical staff to be answered in the first time within one week on-site service

7. Early warning mechanism
In order to minimize operational failure of client systems to ensure client systems running. We have implemented the following two kinds of early-warning mechanisms:
1. On a regular basis through telephone inquiries client system operation, and to fill out the "questionnaire system operation."
2. Through the ATLAS multi-beam system itself, the online remote login system settings warning, is mainly responsible for dealing with unexpected system operation failures