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Coexistence of portability with high performance——Presentation of Reson T20-P double-end multibeam and laser products

Number of visits: Date:2015-08-26


On April 28th and 29th, hosted by Wuxi Haiying-Cal Tec Marine Technology Co.,Ltd and co-hosted by Teledyne Reson, the 2015 Presentation of Reson T20-P double-end multibeam and laser products is held in Shanghai Dianyuan Hotel. More than forty customers from national Waterway Bureaus and Maritime Safety Administrations attend this conference.

Roll screens to display products


At the beginning of the conference on 28th, Thomas Meurling, the Vice President of Teledyne Reson, gives an introduction about shallow water multibeam products, and then Daniel Roseboom, the Sales Manager of Teledyne Atlas Hydrographic, makes some explanation for deep water multibeam products and sub-bottom profilers in order to make customers get a comprehensive understanding of the multibeam products agented by our company and the most advanced technology in this industry. Also, Dong Weili, the technical manager in Shanghai office of Teledyne Reson answers many questions occurred in the measurement and solves problems during use.

Zhang Fanrong, our Vice President, is introducing Thomas Meurling and other Teledyne workers to customers


In the conference, Mr. Hu, the engineer of Shanghai Waterway Engineering Design and Consulting Co.,Ltd, expresses his feelings when employing Reson T20-P double-end multibeam and highly recommends it for its stable performance and accurate measuring results.


Mr. Hu is presenting the multibeam measuring results


The conference ends with a brief introduction of our company made by Yu Jianlin, the Regional Sales Manager of our company. He explains our brand concept to make our customers get a further understanding of Haiying.

On April 29th, Teledyne Reson and our company jointly organize the outdoor hands-on training. In the boat on the Huangpu River, customers observe the whole process from the installation of transducers to data collection and processing, and they take a close contact with Reson T20-P double-end multibeam and Landmark laser scanner, which are used together to conduct seamless side scan in Huangpu River and shoreside. On the scene, Teledyne Reson’s Chief Technology Officer Uni expounds multibeam products with data, and has a heated discussion with customers who have interests in the products.

Mr. Song, our engineer, is installing the transducer

The chief technology officer of Teledyne Reson Uni and Mr. Dong, the engineer of Shanghai Office are answering customers’ questions

This presentation closes the distance among manufacturers, agents and customers. On the one hand, manufacturers receive direct feedback from customers; on the other hand, customers communicate with manufacturers about their problems during use. As the sponsor of the presentation and agent of the product, our company not only achieves unanimous praise and appreciation from our customers, but also displays our advanced products and considerate service. In conclusion, this presentation creates a win-win-win situation, and expands our company’s market as well as makes our company recognized in the industry.


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