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HY1690 is a type of echosounders which is applied in the offshore survey. Its mainframe, consisting of an Industrial Control Computer System and two transceivers which work standby for each other, is responsible for the data acquisition and processing.

HY1690 realizes the intelligentized operation and control of echosounders by adopting digital signal processing technology and display technology of computer graphics. All operations of echosounders can be done without the adjusting knob. The core technology of the echosounder is high-speed digital signal processor(DSP), which contributes to emission and reception control, TVG and AGC control, digitization and processing of echo signals, searching and tracking of bottom echos, etc. Furthermore, its particular high-powered emitting circuit, receiving circuit and spatial filtering with low noise, dynamic detecting threshold, TVG compensation device, automatic gain control, greatly improve the reliability, stability and accuracy of bathymetry. In spite of bad sea conditions, all of these ensure accurate measurement of different types of seabedsthe in the real time .

The bathymetric data collected by the transceiver are transmitted to and conserved in the industrial control computer by USB. The high-capacity disk can not only store all the acoustic and graphic information in the full measuring range, but also provide a platform for information retrieval.


Technical parameters of host




Depth range

25kHz  : 11200 m    10.5kHz1010000 m 

Operating Frequency

25kHz or 10.5kHz

Max rate

25kHz  : 10 Ping /s10.5kHz:  Ping /s


range(m)  :100 1200 500010000 

 resolution(m)0.01   0.15、  0.5  1

velocity of sound preset

1400m/s1700m/s, Manual Setting

Blind area setting  

 Manual Setting

Shallow alarm

010 m 

Image display

high-resolution color SVGA output

Data record

Record acoustic and graphic information by hard disk and play back the recorded 

acoustic and graphic data through specialized control software


Rolling ±10°, pitch ±5°

Depth range at the speed of 7kn10000 m






Dimensions:  650×1000×1350 mm

Weight:      170kg


High frequency:

Dimensions: φ310×250 mm

Weight:     14kgwithout cable


Low frequency

Dimensions875×555×430 mm

Weight:    220kgwithout cable


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