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  • 商品名称: JW Fisher PROTON 4 Marine Magnetometer
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PROTON 4 Marine magnetometer JWFishers produced by the United States is currently the most widely used engineering-based marine magnetic survey equipment.
As the highest price the market of marine magnetometer, the system includes a number of magnetic drag of fish, a number of transmitting and receiving system, a set of high-strength rope, pressure sensor interface, altimeter interface, GPS navigation input port, mini-thermal printing device, the whole structure of a steady light, able to meet the worldwide demand for marine magnetic surveys.

feature of this instrument:
● low-cost, high performance levels.
● LCD data display and alarm goals.
● Built-in thermal printing device (optional).
● Magnetic numerical printout.
● Local real-time GPS coordinates of the parameter values printed.
● RS232 data output.
● 2-year warranty period.

main technical parameters:
● Magnetic detection range: 1500 feet.
● Magnetic Detection range: 18000nT - 120000nT, a global non-blind.
● Sensor Sensitivity: 1gamma; Resolution: 1gamma.
● sampling period: 2 - 4 seconds.
● drag speed: 1 - 10 miles / hour.
● Communication: RS232 serial port.
● power supply: 24VDC.

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