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  • 商品名称: MMC SeaQuest Multi Sensor Gradiometer
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SeaQuest is the only offshore platforms can be a complete, fast, accurate and real-time three-dimensional gradient vector. Three-dimensional gradient vector can immediately find magnetic objects, and do not need to address and correct the data. cables and pipelines used to track, UXO and mine detection, detection of sunken vessels or aircraft, environmental investigation.
SeaQuest is the only marine gradiometer real-time accurate three gradient vector measurements, measure the exact location of targets, and immediately displayed on the map. In many applications, eliminating the need for daily variation correction, reducing equipment and operating costs. Marine Magnetics Overhauser based on the latest technology to provide low noise, high-precision data and repeatability.

main technical parameters:
most accurate: 0.2nT
High sensitivity: 0.01nT
Resolution: 0.001nT
Energy Consumption: Standard 1W Maximum 5W, altimeter, the largest 7W
No restructuring or loss of parts.
Temperature:-40C ~ +60 C data on the accuracy of interference

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