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  • 商品名称: AAE EasyTrak USBL Underwater Potioning System
  • 商品编号: t1
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apparatus distinguishing feature: 
    System includes a full set of underwater positioning system hardware and software, and offers a variety of configuration options can be applied to the global demand for various types of projects. 
    Built-in Pitch / Roll / Heading motion sensor, etc. 
    Collection system, including specialized software and the GPS receiver USBL system control software 
    System synchronization tracking multiple underwater targets 
    The level of the system can be tracked to locate the relevant floating targets, such as: AUV recovery 
    No diver manual intervention in order to avoid complex or polluted waters, dangerous operation 
    Is in control of the release of AAE's acoustic response beacons

main technical parameter: 
    data output:AAE/TP-2EC/TP-ECW/PR/Simrad300P/Simrad309/$PSIMSSB/$PSIMSNS/$GPRMC
    slant-range precision:10cm(Accuracy depends on theVelocity calibration data) 
    positioning accuracy:1.40°drms, 2.5%slant-range(standard);0.60°drms, 1.0%slant-range(Precision Systems) 
    direction resolution ratio:0.1°(show),Center Computing Resolution up to 0.01°
    Heading (Heading) Accuracy: 0.8 ° rms
    Pitch / Roll (Roll / Pitch) Accuracy: ± 0.20 ° rms
    channel: 4-channel display, 134 channel storage
    tail after wave range dimension: hemispherical

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