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  • 商品名称: JWfisher SSS-100K、600K Sidescan Sonar
  • 商品编号: i2
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SSS-100K/600K dual-side scanning system has two kinds of 100K and 600K of full functionality. Side-scan devices are generally different from dragging the fish to launch different frequencies, rather SSS-100K/600K is not the case. It dragged the fish integrates two kinds of frequency of firing high-frequency and low frequency capability. When the search for a small target when the frequency of choice of 600K, 100K search for big targets the frequency of use in the search process can be two kinds of frequency switching at any time.
Fisher Side Scan equipment design, performance is very stable, so wave and the hull sway signal transmission and reception of its impact is very small. Drag the fish can be used at any speed, though, in order to obtain more information and high-quality maps, the best speed is 1-3 festival.

feature of this instrument:
● low prices
● 500 Mi detection capability
● Each trailer next to the fish can be upgraded to a depth of 1500 meters to detect
● dual-or single-frequency system
● can be printed or displayed on a computer sonar images
● simple user-controlled operating system
● Data can be stored in cd, dvd, or hard disk
● boat designed for the waterproof PC (optional)

main technical parameters:
- Printing Systems
- Resolution: 203 dots / inch
- Gray Level: digital control 16-mediated
- Power: 120 v AC, 240 v AC, or 12 v DC / 100W
- Printing paper: 300 inches long 17-inch wide rolls
- Drag Fish:
- Frequency: 100 Khz / 600 Khz.
- Beam width: 1.5 degrees X 40 degrees
- Pulse Length: 0.1ms.
- Output power: 1,000 watts per channel
- Maximum Range:
100 Khz: 1,500 feet per channel / 3,000 feet sweep rate
600 Khz: 200 feet per channel / 400 feet sweep rate
- Maximum depth: 500 feet (150 meters).
- Recommended velocities :1-3

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