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HY1602 Dual Frequency Echo Sounder System, with DSP and digital imaging technology, embedded industrial
control system and data acquisition software, is an all-in-one PC based dual frequency echo sounder, which can
output both echogram and chart paper result simultaneously. Its main features as follows: Standard computer for
easy operation interface and data storage, advanced bottom digitizer, internal large storage of data to file with time
reference, digitized depth, position heave and annotations. It is a perfect choice for surveying in the river, lake, ocean
and so on.

Dual Frequencyand Double channel
Output both echogram and chart paper result simultaneously
Based on the computer platform and have a slave display
TVG/AVG dynamic adjustment, reinforced anti- jamming ability
Low noise receiving ability and space filter, Time filter adjustment
High speed USB interface, huge storage capacity
Echogram output for real time display, storage, playback and printing
Multi-ports communication for GPS, motion sensors and so on
Bundled data acquisition software like HYPACK, EIVA.
AC/DC Power supply


Frequency: 208KHZ/24KHZ
Transducers Beam:
High Fre. 208KHZ, <= 8 degrees
Low Fre. 24KHZ, <= 20degrees
Depth range for Hi Fre.: 0.5m-300m @ 208KHZ
Depth range for Low Fre.: 1m-2000m @ 24KHZ
Accuracy: 0.01m ± 0.1% @ 208K
             0.10m ± 0.1% @ 24K
Output power: 200W @ 208KHZ
                   500W @ 24KHZ
Power Supply: 22-31V DC or 180-260V AC
Consumption Power: 100W
Recording: Echogram Large capability hard disk storage
           and Thermal chart paper recording
Main Unit
Dimensions: 400 × 200 × 310mm
Weight: 17.5kg
Weight: 20kg
Cable Length: 15m (adjustable)
Supporting Tube:
Dimensions: 3× 1.5m
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