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  • 商品名称: CodaOctopus DA Series Acquisition System
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● compatible with all of the side-scan sonar and shallow stratigraphic section of the system (Pinger, Boomer, Sparker, Chirp)
● surge in real-time input data.
● magnetometer data can receive.
● has two separate trigger channel.
● can simultaneously access two monitors.
● have the two printer interface.
● has four analog input channels.
● have a digital network interfaces.

profile source technical parameters
source type: Pinger, Boomer, Sparker, Chirp
Water depth and the speed of work: Standard 0-2000 m, deeper need to customize; 1-6, section 12 limits
Operating Frequency: 500Hz - 12KHz
Penetration range: muddy bottom penetrate 50 meters (depending on the selected source type)
At present the main focal model match:
Sonar: SES's shallow profile control transducer array

Boomer: English AAE's CSP 300 source

Sparker: English AAE's all types of spark source and the hydrophone
Chirp: U.S. EdgeTech's series of Chirp source, the British SES company's 5000 series

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