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SeaSPY marine magnetometer developed by the Canadian MarineMagnetics's most high-precision applied to marine magnetic survey and magnetic survey of the magnetic gradient surveying equipment , now widely used in countries around the world and the major maritime naval survey agencies and corporations. As the most accurate currently on the market of marine magnetometer, the system includes a number of magnetic drag of fish, a number of transmitting and receiving system, a set of cave raised the intensity of the rope, pressure sensor interface, altimeter interface, GPS navigation input interface, combined side-scan sonar can be synchronized sweep measurement, single-and dual-plane magnetic detection type magnetic gradient investigative hardware type optional, to meet the worldwide demand for marine magnetic surveys.
main technical parameters:
● the scope of the work area: Global surface can be carried out within the scope of magnetic detection, no blind spot.
● Magnetic Detection range: 18000nT - 120000nT.
● Absolute Accuracy: 0.2nT; sensor sensitivity: 0.01nT; Counter Sensitivity: 0.001nT; system resolution: 0.001nT.
● Sampling range: 4Hz - 0.1Hz.
● External Trigger: The RS232 serial port.
● Communication: RS232 serial port, 9600bps.
● Power Supply: 15VDC-35VDC or 100-240VAC.

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